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Principle of Holography

Holography is a method which uses light wave character that depicts an exact description that goes beyond options of the classic photography; it is the technique of creating holograms. A hologram is a 3 – dimensional picture made from a laser, it is the special kind of images on 2 – dimensional surfaces that create the effect of 3-dimensional objects. A hologram is technically known as wavefront reconstruction.

The basic principle of holography creating an image using two simultaneous beams of light that would interfere with each other in order to form a complex image on a suitable photographic film. These two beams of lights are created by splitting a light source into two with one source of reflecting light from the object to be photographed on the film and the other falling directly on it from the source. This way of developing image is known as a hologram. Laser light is usually used as a light source for holography.

Types of Hologram

  • Transmission hologram
  • Reflection Hologram
  • Holographic Stereograms
  • Rainbow Hologram

Types of Hologram

In Transmission hologram, the reference and object waves traverse the film from the same side

Reflection Hologram

In Reflection Hologram the reference and object waves traverse the emulsion from opposite sides

Holographic Stereograms

Holographic Stereograms refers to the recording of multiple views through a slit

Rainbow Hologram

Rainbow Hologram consists of 2 stages of recording that is recording regular hologram and recording rainbow hologram through a slit

Electron Holography

Electron holography is the process of applying holography techniques to electron waves rather than applying to light waves. Today Electron holography is commonly used to study electric and magnetic fields in thin films, as magnetic and electric fields can shift the phase of the interfering wave passing through the sample

Hologram for Authentication

Hologram authentication is done through Identity Card, Passport, and Sticker or Tag. Hologram Stickers cannot be scanned or photocopied.

Holographic Display

A holographic display is a type of display which uses light diffraction to develop a virtual three-dimensional image of an object. Holographic displays are unique from other forms of 3D imaging in which they do not require the use of any special glasses or external equipment to view an image.

Requirements to display a 3D Hologram

To display a 3D hologram, there are usually 3 things required:

  • Hologram Projector - A hologram projector which is also known as holography pyramid or holography display helps in making the holographic 3D projection possible.
  • 3D Hologram - It is a hologram that is projected straight into a room and displays the content.
  • Real object or Product – Which is displayed by the hologram.

Uses of 3D Hologram

  • It is useful in presenting products in an innovative way
  • To create a world of emotions
  • Technically complex contents can be explained in a simple way

3D Hologram can be used in

  • Meetings
  • Events
  • Trade Fairs
  • Exhibitions
  • POS Presentations
  • Product Presentations

Sectors in which 3D Hologram is suitable

3D holograms are suitable for all sectors, it may be industry, mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, food, or other sectors, the range of possibilities are practically endless.

Use of Holography in today’s world:

High Information Storage Capacity: It is useful for storing huge amounts of data with realistic details. It has a capacity of storing an unthinkable amount of data and an important thing in this data can be restored from any piece of the hologram. Since the data is stored in three dimensions it is overlapped, more reliable and secure

Security: Holograms are objects which are complex, which are difficult to make and that’s the reason why they are in use more importantly at commercial levels. Credit cards, Banknotes, etc. have security hologram to save them from cheating and fraud.

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